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Find peace and rewrite your new fabulous story the FUN way in my upcoming program!

Through empowering coaching, an uplifting support group and your own customized Queens of Peace Kit, you'll take yourself from surviving to thriving!

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Reclaim my Peace 

"Best Investment I've Ever Made."

I’m halfway through my program with Christy, and I can honestly say that it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. Life before was an everyday uphill climb. I just had the hardest year of my life and felt lost, out of control, and like I would never be able to untangle all the emotional baggage I was carrying.

Christy somehow managed to break down my walls, identified my inner confidence, direction, and joy once again. I now have the power to listen and follow my inner voice once again. I also now know to prevent anything or anyone from making me feel uncapable or unworthy-these deep-rooted feelings of self-doubt that I lived with for so long. I already feel so much peace. I’m waking up every day feeling a genuine excitement for what lies ahead. I can’t thank you enough Christy.


I want what they got! 

"Such a great program!"

Before working with Christy I was at a real low. I felt sad and unmotivated all the time-even small tasks around the house left me exhausted. I just couldn’t seem to enjoy my life all that much! The funny part is I KNEW the problem was me, I just didn’t know how to fix it!

Christy taught me that my thoughts and actions come from me alone, and I have the power to create a better life for myself. Christy helped me take charge and create time for myself to be me again. It is Such a great program. I’m so grateful to her!


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narcissistic abuse podcast

1:1 Coaching with Christy!

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Support Group For Women Victims of Narcissistic Abuse

Support Group to Celebrate Your Journey

We need connection after narcissistic abuse. Laugh, cry and celebrate with other women who get it.

narcissistic abuse bonus surprise

Everyone loves a surprise!

I can't give it all away just yet! Stay tuned for the bonus that will get you closer to peace and joy!

Meet Your Coach, Christy.

Welcome! My name is Christy Jade and I am a narcissistic abuse recovery coach. I help women like you find peace and freedom after going through the chaotic web of a narcissistic relationship of any kind. The FUN way! I myself went through both family and romantic related narcissistic abuse and know what it is like. I also found ways not just to get through it and heal, but truly THRIVE and find joy in life. I have a podcast called "But Still, She Thrives" on this topic and LOVE working 1:1 with my clients to guide them to their EPIC new chapters. My clients are go-getters. My clients are ready to disconnect completely or if they are disconnected, truly start healing and are now UNAVAILABLE for living a status quo life and tolerating BS. If this sounds like you, I look forward to working with you!